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Posted: Thursday, December 19, 2013 1:02 pm

Walk the gauntlet

It’s that time of year when those of us who do not drive have to take our lives into our own hands and walk the gauntlet in order to purchase food. I live in North Andover and I walk down Waverly Road to get to Market Basket. When it snows, the sidewalks are only plowed as far as Main Street and you have to walk in the street the rest of the way to the market. To say this is dangerous it to make light of death itself. It is a borderline suicide attempt. I would like to force the town manager, public works and the Police Department to partake in this death-defying yearly ritual so that they could appreciate the risks involved.

Need security

When are retailers going to learn to put security by the doors? I mean seriously, shoplifting is in excess during the holidays. They should all do what BJ’s and Sam’s Clubs do.

Union support

I saw the Sound Off comment about Methuen City Council Chairman Sean Fountain and his continued loyalty to his “brothers”. It’s amazing how obvious it is that he would never, ever, ever, vote in favor of anything that would take money out of his fellow firefighters’ pockets. Under any and all circumstances, he will continue to vote in favor of his buddies. Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air for some of these union puppets to do what’s best for the city they represent, rather than line the pockets of his friends? You’d think he would at least try and make it look good every now and then with a meaningless token vote against these public unions. It wouldn’t matter. There are more puppets than there are those that really care about the city.

Poor driving

Tuesday, it was snowing. I went to pick my granddaughter up at the Hillview Montessori School in Ward Hill. Well coming out, traffic was backed up. I could not believe the idiots that continued through the green light and ended up blocking the intersection. How stupid can you be? You could see you weren’t able to move! Was it stupidity or ignorance? Either way, you weren’t moving far!

Deserve better

Doesn’t it seem like these attempted mass shootings are every day now? Is this what happens when the body rots from the head down and lawlessness in our government is not called to account or penalized as it runs unchecked and rampant across every part of the federal government? There have been more crimes against groups of people in the last five years than ever in our history and, once again, it isn’t the guns. It’s the guns in the hands of people who think there will be no penalty to pay for criminal activities. Maybe if the people in our elected government would start having some morals, that would send a better message to our young people instead of Fast and Furious, the IRS scandal, the Benghazi outrage, misuse of the tax dollars we work so hard to pay, and the lies that are so pervasive across this whole administration in the White House! The American people deserve better than this!


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