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Posted: Thursday, July 4, 2013 12:05 am

Remember this

“He who goes forth on the Fourth with a fifth may not go forth on the Fifth.” I believe that I have seen this in Dear Abby in the past, but not sure how long ago or if that is correct. Hope you will reprint it. It is cute.

God bless?

At the end of Mass this past Sunday, we sang “God Bless America,” and I thought to myself with abortion, rampant pornography and all the other moral issues we face today, how much is God really blessing our country? I hope its not too late and that America can get back on the right track again or I am afraid our country will become something far less than what the founding fathers envisioned those many years ago.

My pet peeves

Pet peeve #1: Dog owners who continue to allow their dogs to go on private property and who do not follow the town dog laws and do not teach their children, who walk the dogs, about them either. Annoying! Pet peeve #2: Neighbors who do not take care of their property (especially corner lots, which are visible by everyone) and leave all sorts of junk and debris in their yards which diminishes the value of my property and home, which is well-cared for. Embarrassing! Pet peeve #3: Drivers who no longer use their directionals when making a turn. Downright dangerous!

Don’t blame Obama

You can’t hold President Obama or Attorney Genera Holder responsible for Fast and Furious gun-running, NSA spying on Americans, Benghazi or anything else. They even told us, the first they had heard of these things was in the news. They have 38 czars to carry out these acts of crime against our country and take it down. Why they even had time to pressure the Boy Scouts to change their focus. The government has more than doubled in size — that is a lot of criminal activity to try and keep track of!

Had to laugh

I was reading one of the comments complaining about noise. Is this person for real? Complaining about children and adults laughing and yelling while enjoying themselves and having fun. People work hard all week and have a right to enjoy their “off” time. And children? Well, they’re children. I’d rather see them playing in a yard, then off doing something wrong. Let people enjoy themselves, the way you want to enjoy yourself. Noise is a part of everyday life. Get over it!

Stop whining

I cannot believe the people who complain about the everyday noises. Children and adults laughing and yelling. Loud motorcycles and trucks. Lawn mowers and loud radios. How do you think our military troops feel who are fighting a war? That noise is much worse and they have to fear and face what goes on every day of their lives. Plenty of people have it worse than you but they go on. Think of others before you have a pity party.

Paula overkill

I can’t believe what is happening to Paula Deen. Talk about overkill. Where is the justice for a slip made so long ago? We should all boycott the stores that have dropped their contracts with her. What happened to freedom of speech, especially with no malice intended?


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