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Posted: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 12:05 am

Enough debt

To all the socialists out there who are cheering for our increased debt over the last few days. Is there ever going to be a ceiling? Call it $20 trillion or $25 trillion or $30 trillion — will it ever be enough? It seems that kicking the can has become the norm for both parties but there has to be a limit somewhere. Or is that limit only important when the other party is in office? Also before we comment on Bush and Reagan — who are irrelevant at this point — my question is simply asked from this point forward. How much more debt do we need?


Mayor Stephen Zanni, Al DiNuccio, and Michael Gagliardi couldn’t dig up anything worse about Councilor Jennifer Kannan than that she didn’t graduate with her class. A 16- or 17-year-old doesn’t think about their future but Ms. Kannan certainly made something of herself. As a mother, grandmother, a former business owner, Realtor, councilor, and mayoral candidate, she shows how far she has come from those days as a teenager. She may not have graduated with her class but she has been very successful. She has several ideas about how to bring business to Methuen because “Methuen Can Be Better” but considering her opponent’s habit of taking credit from others, she is keeping many of her ideas out of the press. She will be a great mayor and deserves your vote.


I Just finished reading the article in the Sunday Eagle-Tribune, regarding that Jennifer Kannan generously donated $250 she received from the Laborers International Local 175 to the Methuen YMCA. Business Manager Michael Gagliardi should really hang his head in shame and in my opinion should be disbarred from his position. What type of person does such a cruel and uncalled for act as he displayed at the annual pancake breakfast? Mayor Zanni must be so proud of his campaign friend.

Right direction

I know Mayor Zanni runs his campaign with transparency. As a member of the sons of Italy when I see him he looks right through me like I’m not even there — not even a hello. The other night he showed up on my doorstep like a long-lost friend smiling and reminding me to get and vote. Well, thank you, I am. It’s for Jennifer Kannan. She will take Methuen in the right direction, not some phony looking for votes.

Need limits

Are you kidding me? Trick or treating until 11 p.m. like in the olden days? In the area I live, which is the Methuen-Lawrence line, I would have to take out a loan to buy the amount of candy I give out to the large number of groups knocking on my door on Halloween. Today, the regulated two hours the towns suggest is the best for the safety of all.


We drove down Main Street in Andover Sunday and enjoyed looking at the Halloween art decorating the street. I glanced at a sign and it seems that students at Doherty Middle School — I did not see other schools named but others may have contributed to this display — created the Halloween stuffed, life-sized, scary, funny and amusing decorations. Great job, students! Thank you for adding some Halloween personality to the look of Main Street. You made us smile!


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