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November 15, 2012

Letter: Return to core values will revive Republicans

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

Over the past week, Republicans across the country have occupied most of their time discussing what went wrong on Nov. 6. For Bay Staters in particular, seeing our beloved Scott Brown and our rising star Richard Tisei lose so narrowly was painful.

Some have said that we need to move to the left and abandon our principles. Others have said the opposite, that we weren’t hard-nosed enough. But the real answer is neither of those two extremes.

The core values that the Republican Party is meant to stand for are liberty, limited government, and fiscal responsibility. That is the foundation upon which we are built.

The way that we can not only recover, but grow as a party is to clearly articulate those values in a positive way, and promote them in a grass-roots fashion that has been shown to work time and time again.

It is well-established that Massachusetts votes will not choose a generic “R” over a generic “D.” Our response to that, then, should be to become more than a generic party.

We need to be a party of the people, a party with fresh ideas and fresh faces, and a party that truly believes in what it stands for.

If we can accomplish this, then our failures this year will be merely a footnote in history.

Mark Mezzina

North Andover