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November 15, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Appreciated

As a veteran of the Vietnam War, I want to thank the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem for a wonderful dinner. It was unbelievable. I want to thank the waiters and waitresses who served me with smiling faces on. It was a wonderful dinner and I’m glad I’m a veteran. Thank you.

No excuse

I want to comment about Gen. Petraeus, who resigned from his job at the CIA. He still should be questioned. What happened with his running around on his wife — this is another thing with the Democrats going back to President Roosevelt, whose wife was running around on him. Then it jumped to the Kennedys, then to Gary Hart, then the governor of South Carolina. The Democrats keep hiding things from the American people. This fellow Petraeus knew a lot more about what went on in Libya than he is saying. How could the president of the United States not know that these people were begging for help. There’s no excuse for those four people being slaughtered.

No mandate

I watched Obama on TV and he was talking about how the people in America want the country to go forward with a tax on people making more than $250,000. I don’t think the people gave that mandate to him. I’d love to be making $250,000. We have far more important things to look at to keep our budget in line.. He has to live on a budget and know where his finances are going. We can’t afford to give any more.


Mayor Zanni in Methuen is looking at the charter to see if there is a loophole so that he can reassess the privatization of the IT organization in Methuen. The council vetoed it 7-2. Now he’s looking to see if there is a loophole where he should have had a public hearing. You should have looked at this before, not after, the vote was taken. Over the years, every time a mayor does not agree with what done by the council, they go to the charter to see what loopholes they can find.


It’s amazing that with everything that is going on in the country that Obama got re-elected on the sole basis of condoms. It’s crazy. Elizabeth Warren’s big thing was birth control. She was one TV the other night; she didn’t have one answer to the questions. This is our new senator. It’s just amazing.

Good parent

Mrs. Valentin of Lawrence is a responsible parent who deserves a medal of honor for turning in her son’s guns. It was a brave thing to do but she did it because she love her children. If parents of failing students in our schools love their children, they would step up and address problems like tardiness, discipline and homework. These irresponsible parents have a lot to learn from Mrs. Valentin.

Snow stakes

Regarding people who use reflectors as snow stakes to prevent the plow drivers from pushing snow on to their property: There are more snow stakes in the city of Haverhill than there were political signs. I want people who do this to realize that not only are they degrading their property, they’re degrading the neighborhood.

Police missed

Where were the police at the Veterans Day parade in Methuen? The firefighters and State Police were there. It was very disappointing not to see them in the parade.