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August 1, 2013

Letter: Republicans show little business acumen

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

For years, a major Republican campaign strategy has been a claim that if elected they can balance the budget, protect the country and make everything from the railroads to rickshaws run better. In other words, they are competent business people and will run the government like a business.

We know how successful businesses operate and there are concrete examples. Congressional Republican actions and ideas are not consistent with successful business practices. Claiming a competence and then violating its principles is dishonest, bizarre behavior.

Corporations spend huge amounts of money on employee education, training and health care. They consider this money necessary to help employees stay healthy and work smarter which improves innovation, productivity and profits.

In their company, our country, Republicans want to cut education funding, increase the cost of student loans, eliminate job training dollars and repeal healthcare reform. Investing in people is seen as unnecessary and an expense to be cut.

Corporations invest millions in upgrading plant and equipment to improve efficiency/effectiveness and gain a competitive advantage. They understand that growth and performance improvement requires investment.

Republicans refuse to pass an infrastructure bill, provide funding for a smart grid, spend money on research or any investments for future economic growth. Supporting business development is a great slogan but so far just a slogan.

Smart businessmen constantly review their real estate holdings, car/truck/jet fleet utilization, and vendor performance. There are no sacred cows in business. If assets are not needed or underutilized they are sold or written off. Poorly performing vendors are dropped. Management attention to expenses due to redundancy or underutilization is an intense, measured and continuous process.

Republicans would do better to focus on making government work better for their business base, and the country, instead of trying to destroy government for their extreme tea party base. Their current operating plan is no way to run a business or a country — unless you don’t want it to run at all.

Dave Potter

North Hampton