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August 4, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor


Theodore Tolios


Act quickly to fix city’s problems

To the editor:

As a candidate for mayor it’s important to not only discuss what is good and what is broken in our city but you should show that you will commit to fixing the problems and how you would fix it. The issue of appointments to boards and commissions as discussed in this paper’s article and editorial is a serious issue and hurts the city in many ways.

I have been witness to the many ways one should not fill the city’s boards and commissions. So I have thought about how to fix this problem; this is what I would do. In my first 100 days I will ask local/statewide organizations that relate to the specific board or commission to host citizen trainings. I will advertise these trainings and encourage all those that want to sit on those boards; and those that currently do, to attend. This will give willing participants a basic knowledge of the work they would do. For example: Having the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission conduct training for the Licensing Board.

At the same time I will send a home-rule petition to the City Council to change the charter so that the mayor would have 60-90 days to send an appointment to the City Council for confirmation for any and all open or lapsed board/commission terms. Once that time frame is exhausted the City Council president would then recommend to the City Council an appointment for the open position from any person who has applied for the position. The council president also will have 60-90 days to make a recommendation. This will at least make it a matter of urgency for any mayor to fill all vacancies on boards and commissions and it will also create a fail-safe in the case, when like today, the mayor fails to act or acts irrationally.

This is the type of action my administration would take and how we would address the problems our city faces. Identify a problem, get people training, and address the issue. This will make Lawrence better.

Dan Rivera


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