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August 15, 2013

Letter: Rivera will set Lawrence on right path

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

As a young professional who has recently bought a home in Lawrence, I can definitely see why businesses and other professionals are hesitant to move into the city that some called “Damned.” But as a 10-year resident of the city of Lawrence, I’ve had the opportunity to see some of its lows and some of its highs.

During the first few years of residency here, I saw the Police Department slowly but surely help clean Lawrence of crime just to have it decimated in 2010 from mass layoffs. It had a crippling effect on the city and crime slowly started to rise.

At that time I decided to start looking more into the politics and inner workings of the city. More often than not I read articles on the decisions (or lack thereof) of our incumbent mayor.

That’s when I read of mayoral candidate Dan Rivera’s efforts to counter the efforts of the current mayor. For example, he was one of the few city councilors to actually review next year’s Lawrence city budget that will once again raise property taxes and add several DPW positions but not one new police officer.

I found it intriguing and wanted to know more about him. I then connected with him on social networks, was able to ask him questions in regard to his main objectives if elected into office. I was truly impressed.

His belief in the seven R’s — “respond” to all our residents’ needs, “restore” pride in our city, “rebuild” our public safety departments, “renew” our commitment to our youth and schools, “refocus” our efforts to increase economic and development jobs, “regain” the trust of our city’s residents and “repair” our city’s image across the state — completely won me over and that is why I am supporting him.

Please join me in voting for Dan Rivera for mayor of Lawrence on Sept. 17.

Elias Rodriguez