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March 15, 2013

Sound Off

Fighting nature

People make me sick when they complain about protecting wildlife. Then you have the people that build their Barbie doll houses next to farms and expect the farms to be removed. So, OK! Totally eliminate nature, animals, wildlife, trees farms — and starve and complain about the millions of dollars of devastation to your over-inflated wannabe lifestyles. In the meantime, there are no trees to help control extreme weather and erosion, no farms to feed you, no wildlife and nature left to grant beauty and peace. You complain of wild animals in your backyard — because you destroyed their natural habitat and left them nowhere to go. How stupid are you to build on waterfronts and then cry when nature overrules? But you will not learn your lesson. Just get rid of the birds and try to control nature and rebuild. Just do not complain! You get what you pay for!

Sports book

I would be interesting in betting on sports. Could someone tell me why there are no plans for a sports book in the planned casino for Salem?

For the poor

Newly elected Pope Francis is a Jesuit whose passion in life is to aid the poor and the down-trodden. I suppose conservatives will be calling him a socialist or a communist, losing all sight of the Christian message.

End of dynasty

The disgusting greed of Robert Kraft and the stupidity of Bill Belichick conspired causing the Patriots to lose Wes Welker. This will certainly hurt the declining production of Tom Brady as he faces his football twilight years. It’s the end of a dynasty. What a shame!


So Sen Elizabeth Warren asks a rhetorical question on corporations, which by the way she should have the answer to already. And it proves Mitt Romney wrong! I guess the Senate isn’t people either because it or its members aren’t held accountable either. Let’s see her do something about the things “hammering the middle class”, not just state the obvious as she has in the past to make political points.

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