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March 22, 2013

Sound Off

Chump change

Do the writers that write in saying the president should take fewer vacations, use Air Force One less and everything else to help balance the budget, realize how stupid that is? This is a common criticism of presidents of both parties. In the first place, it’s not going to happen. The president is one of the two biggest jobs in the world and all this goes with the territory. What is considered a huge cost is actually chump change and would have no effect in balancing the budget.

War anniversary

March 19 marked the 10th anniversary of America’s tragic invasion of Iraq, an event that has caused inestimable damage to our nation. Ignoring the teams of inspectors who found no weapons of mass destruction, the Bush administration insisted that WMDs were a real threat to America and finally sealed the deal using the credibility of Colin Powell to win majority approval. The damage incurred on Americans will be felt for decades to come.

Sob stories

I just read two sob stories of single mothers. One was about Gloria Steinem and the single mother and the other was the widening gap in income for many families. They were two long articles and in neither column was there ever any mention of these deadbeat fathers. As a senior citizen and a proud father of four, I struggled for many years before things got better. Why haven’t they gone after these poor examples of men and taken them to court or jail? These types of cases have become epidemic and just another of the many reasons for the weakening of our economy. Let’s do something about it.


Lawrence has the infrastructure for a casino with interstates 495 and 93 close by. Stop sending money to a city that has been wasting money for over a decade or more. The city can raise taxes on their own. At least we could make money off of Lawrence instead of feeding it. New Hampshire will get a casino before Massachusetts anyway. Beacon Hill is just as self-serving as Washington as in both places there is no accountability for anyone.

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