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March 23, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Budgets and brackets

I notice that in five years Obama has never gotten his budget done by the date required by federal law, but he has never failed to get his NCAA brackets done on time. The best interests of America? Or the best interests of Obama?

Term limits

To the voters across America: We need to begin to focus on one of the most egregious entitlements that is and has been a financial hemorrhage. Our elected politicians, both sides of the aisle, however well intentioned to begin with, have created a dynasty for themselves. They are ineffective in running our country and have brought us to financial ruin by ignoring our constitutional rights and laws. We need term limits for all political positions from the lowest to the highest position in the land, for it has become a feeding frenzy for wealth and power for them and a loss of freedom and independence for average working people.

Savings plan

In a recent Eagle-Tribune article it was noted that Sandown voters turned down $945,000 to build a new police station. What the article failed to mention is that for the past three years, Sandown voters have approved setting aside money — $200,000 this year — as a savings account towards building a new police station. This “savings” plan has passed every year it’s been on the ballot. We do support a new police station in our town. We’ve just chosen the old fashioned “Yankee” way of saving up for it! The plan is to finish the savings plan and break ground next year. Now that’s a news story!


Tuesday’s headline: “Police unions support casino bill.” What a surprise! Crime has always followed casinos, so why wouldn’t the unions want to bolster their ranks by wanting more crime thus more cops?

School choice

In public junior high school I struggled and was looking at failing for the year. My parents pulled me from the public school system sending me to a private high school. In those four years I made the honor roll every year. I went to on to college and graduate school and was always on the honor roll. I have a masters degree in engineering. So was I a bad student or a victim of the public school system? Let parents have a choice, New Hampshire. Keep the voucher system.

Secret meetings

Peter McQuillan is definitely a scapegoat for all the egos on the Methuen council. Nobody can tell us that he should take the blame for everything, including the Solomon case. Although I am a 73-year-old woman, you make me feel like a 2-year-old hiding my presents at Christmas. We should know what’s going on in our town instead of hiding and having secret meetings. That is unacceptable.


The attack against school vouchers is part of the liberal agenda to protect teachers unions. The voucher programs helps parents find schools that are best suited to the needs of their children not the one size fits all approach of the public school system. A charter school is much more accountable to parents than any a public school. The graduation rate of students in the Washington, DC, “Opportunity Scholarship Program” is 91 percent compared to the public school rate of 55 percent. Democrats have tried to kill this program since Obama took office.