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March 28, 2013

Sound Off


Haverhill traffic

Your article about the traffic situation at Haverhill High School missed the real reason for the traffic jam every morning. You failed to take into account the hundreds of students who are above taking the bus and insist on having Mommy or Daddy driving them to school. These cars double the problem every morning. First, they clog the roads leading to the high school when dropping junior off. Then while leaving, they cut off everyone trying to enter Monument Street, blocking drivers just trying to get past the high school on their way to work. This clogs Monument Street from Hilldale Avenue all the down to Broadway. This is the real problem that must be addressed.

Babying kids

Hey Windham School Board: We should stop this constant babying of our children and let them learn life. First, Timberlane eliminates mid-terms and finals and now this. Why not just send all the kids to school encased in bubble wrap?

Casino myths

Regarding a casino being a place for marginalized, indigent people living at the poverty level: I have been going to Foxwoods since its opening in 1992. I have never seen indigent or homeless people hanging around the casino. Quite the opposite, I have seen mainly older middle-class people playing. I also get a kick out of the people who say that a casino will cause crime. Again, this is another myth. There is no safer place to be than at the casino, or on casino grounds. Everywhere is monitored by cameras. A casino is the last place in the world that you would want to commit a crime. The crime rate is zero!

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