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October 13, 2012

Sound Off

Do something

Another Lawrence employee has been suspended with pay. I’m struggling to make ends meet on Social Security, that I worked years for. If I had failed to do my job, then I would have been fired. The state bailed Lawrence out, so why can’t the state do something about all of these people getting paid and not working? This needs to be taken care of now. I will not pay any more taxes than I’m paying now so that these people can live better lives than me. Wake up, everyone. Do something.

Don’t be fooled

Attention voters: Do not be fooled by Mitt Romney’s tax cuts, his Medicare programs or by his saying that he’s not going to hurt the working-class people. If you elect Romney, then you will get the same thing you got under the eight years of George W. Bush, who ruined everything and all the good that Bill Clinton did for the country.

Signs gone

Reporting on a great lack of faith and good will, I’m telling you that the Romney signs, as fast as they can be put up, are disappearing. We noticed at the same time that all of the Democratic signs are staying in place. I don’t want to point fingers, but what’s happening is not very nice. It’s just a lack of morality.

Moving forward

I’m calling about the blue signs that have been posted in many parts of Lawrence that say Mayor Lantigua/Lawrence is moving forward. I’d like to know, does moving forward mean moving forward with corruption? Let’s take those signs down because it’s shameful.


I’m grateful to the Methuen Police Department. Thanks to the detective and the police officer who were so helpful on Oct. 4. You were perfect gentlemen, very kind. You were a big, big help to me.

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