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October 19, 2012

Letter:Bow-hunting is no way to control animal population

To the editor:

During upcoming weeks, an army of bow-hunters will set themselves on public land in Andover for the hidden purpose of causing excruciating pain and death to deer.

This abhorrent practice, approved by some loud, active residents of the town while inactive residents remained silent, has been purported to be the best (old-fashioned) way to control deer overpopulation.

In fact, the best proven current and humane way to control the overpopulation of medium and large sized animal wildlife is via the implementation of “immunocontraception.”

I am hopeful that students of Andover High School and other residents of the town who favor replacing the blood-lusting, archaic way of controlling wildlife overpopulation with a modern way will contact the Animal Welfare Institute, P.O. Box 3650, Washington, D.C. 20027, a highly reputable organization with expertise on this matter, before taking action to ban bow-hunting on public and private land in their town.

John Joseph


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