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October 19, 2012

Letter: Vote as if the republic depended on it

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

Voting in a democracy is not, in and of itself, a very difficult feat — it is, in fact, quite easy, perhaps too easy, but that argument is for another day. The difficult part of democracy is to keep it!

Inherent in a democracy is the right and privilege of citizens to vote. We, as Americans, got that right at the cost of many hundreds of lives over 200 years ago. In its preservation, this country has spent the lives of many thousands of its men and women preserving the privilege to live under the sort of government selected by those original patriots. They selected a democratic republic! Remember the phrase, “of and for the people!”

We are very soon to be asked to exercise that basic right of citizens. On Nov. 6, we will vote to see who we will employ to lead this nation for the next four years. It is to be, in my humble opinion, the most important and, perhaps, the most life-changing election of my lifetime! I am scared!

We have witnessed, in the last four years under the auspices of an unknown, an untried politician of undetermined background, a “rookie.” It was comfortable to vote for him; we gambled and we lost! We are witness to an unsubtle shifting of governmental power to the center. We see disdain for our country’s history, our flag, our veterans, our Constitution, and our very way of life. We have seen the creation and institution of unelected czars into our government. I remember no mention of czars in any government courses I attended.

We are, or have been, a Christian country, led and governed by elected leaders based on our own Constitution, Bill of Rights, and general Christian principles. We have tried to vet our leaders to see that their moral compasses were much in line with our own. I see us deviating from that desired course.

I see an administration intent on centralizing control rather than leaving it to the states and individuals to make their own decisions. I see a government attempted “stimulus” and central control of our health — one did not work and the other, I think, will fail, too. I see monumental debt, piling up at a staggering rate, a debt that will be passed along to my grandchildren, unaddressed and unable to be addressed. Mark Steyn suggested that we “are looting the future to bribe the present.” Does that make any sense to you? I am embarrassed and angry!

I only hope that others are, too! Ask yourself about the promises of 2008, “Hope and Change.” How is that “Hope and Change” thing doing for you and your family? We have tripled the national debt and still increasing at $1 trillion a year, no improvement in the real unemployment numbers and a developing, increasingly socialistic entitlement mentality. This is certainly not at all what our forefathers envisioned — not what I envisioned!

Read, consider, vote. You may only get this one chance to preserve our republic, the United States of America! God bless her!

Calvin G. Perry