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October 19, 2012

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Animal abuse

I’m calling about the article about the dead dog found in a Lawrence apartment. I have a dog. This dog is my life. She’s very well fed and she’s the sweetest little thing that you ever did see. I don’t know how anybody can do to a dog what this woman has done to these two dogs. It’s just unbelievable.


I’m calling in regards to the Sound Off item on school vouchers: The rich don’t need any vouchers. They have their own money to pay, so those vouchers would be going to the poor people to help them to pay for better education for their kids, and not the schools with the teachers’ unions which are not looking out for the kids.

Old enough

This is about the dog found in the Lawrence apartment in such bad condition: This woman is 26 years old. She’s old enough to know how to take care of an animal. If you can’t take care of the animal, then give it to the MSPCA. Yes, she should go to jail for a very long time and not have food for a week. Let’s see how she likes it.


Mayor Fiorentini has gotten worse. Please do something for the children in Haverhill instead of for your own political purposes. As a grandparent watching you at the School Committee meeting, you absolutely disgusted me. I would think that you would do more for our children than you did. Grandstanding is clearly your showcase, not doing what’s right.

Election issue

When will we have a candidate who is willing to take on the subject of starving animals? We need a strong leader to punish these people. I am certain that whoever does this will get a lot of votes, including mine.

Retire him

I agree with the Sound Off caller who said our president should have bigger worries than Big Bird. Our ambassador was killed along with others, and Obama didn’t seem to think it was important enough to cancel a late night talk show appearance. You see, for him, it is all about his massive ego. We need a president who is respectful and would have perhaps actually had a sincere press conference and expressed to our nation concern and sympathy rather than have a jolly time on that show. I have had it with a president who needs constantly to feed his ego, as he is so impressed with himself. Don’t feel bad about retiring him, he will have a great career ahead of him, maybe with a talk show of his own.

Swaying voters

Elizabeth Warren has her campaign strategy working as follows: Do not under any circumstance tell anyone what you stand for, accuse your opponent of things that are not true, tell people your opponent is the boogeyman who doesn’t care about them and that you do without explaining how, and then twist words your opponent says so you can stand on a pulpit and sternly make phrases like “should be ashamed” and “that is reprehensible.” I do not live in Massachusetts but know Scott Brown’s record of fighting for all Massachusetts citizens well. I fear the voters are being swayed by a far inferior candidate who has no record of her own to stand on.


Gov. Romney evidently has received many death threats on Twitter. Will the government investigate these acts of terrorism?