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October 25, 2012

Sound Off


Sorry Mr. President, even with this little zinger you screwed up. The military has vastly more bayonets today than in 1916. Every Marine trains with them.

Capital gains

Does anybody out there understand what the capital gains tax rate “paid less than his secretary” issue is all about? Some people, after paying the full income tax on their income, have some money left over, which they save. It is not uncommon for people to use some of their savings to buy stock in public corporations. This helps going businesses increase their capital and enables them to expand and hire other people. The investor buys stock with the hope that it will increase in value or pay a dividend. Another huge incentive for people to buy stock in companies is that when they sell the stock at a gain, it is taxed at the “capital gains” tax rate — keep in mind they’ve already paid full tax on the money they invested. If there is not a tax incentive to buy stock, why not put your money in something less risky? If the capital gain tax rate is eliminated, investors in this country will immediately sell their stock and the economy will contract.


In the last presidential debate Gov. Romney said Syria is Iran’s route to the sea. I guess he doesn’t know that Iran and Syria do not share a border. Iran has about 1,500 miles of coastline along the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman leading to the Arabian Sea. It also has direct access to the Strait of Hormuz which it keeps threatening to close. If he wants to be president and responsible for the safety of this country then he should at least know where our enemies are located.


The National Rifle Association has always been so insistent about getting more guns out there and there was just another massacre in this country. Why not give everyone a gun to protect themselves from some nut that comes along. If he starts a massacre, anyone there can blow him away. Just think, with all the guns out there how happy the NRA would be.

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