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October 30, 2012

Sound Off

Focus on problems

I have known Shaun Toohey for eight years. He is gentleman, a family man, a good friend and a pillar of the community. He is well respected in our community and his time on the Haverhill School Committee has shown he is capable of getting the job done right. It seems to me instead of focusing on the issues at hand such as unemployment, high taxes, and the soaring cost of living, the media likes to focus on points that are irrelevant to the problems of the working class whom are struggling to make ends meet. Shaun has a plan to get us out of the mess were in. I myself am tired of the personal attacks on the all candidates that I see in the papers and on TV. I want to know what they are going to do to get us out of this mess and not concentrate on what someone did when they were young that has nothing to do with the problems at hand here.

For the people

Barack Obama understands that he works for the people of the United States. Mitt Romney has never worked for anybody in his life. We’ll be working for him and his fellow millionaires. To him, children, the elderly, and the disabled are liabilities, deadwood and write-offs.

Road work

I live in Bradford and am sick of this road work. I hope the orange barrels are gone and the sidewalks are done in time for the Santa Parade or the city may be looking at a lawsuit from a broken ankle.


I am so sick and tired of Elizabeth Warren’s efforts to deflect attention from the fact that she is a lying hypocrite and a total fraud. All she is doing with these crazy ads is trying to scare seniors and women. Does she really think that women are that stupid? I am embarrassed that she is female. She makes us all look nuts!

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