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November 2, 2012

Sound Off


Who should we thank for postponing trick or treating until Saturday? Can that person tell me how to explain to my kids that even though I took the day off from work to take them out in their costumes, that can no longer happen? Why don’t these people let the parents decide if it’s safe for us to take our kids out on Halloween as scheduled?

Taxed twice

To Wednesday’s uninformed caller: Stock dividends are taxed twice. As a owner of company stock you are in fact a fractional owner of a company and are technically responsible for the tax on profits which the company pays on your behalf at 35-percent rate. Then the company distributes the remaining after-tax profits or a portion to you which you then pay additional tax. No company exists without the people who own it!

Capital gains

The capital gains tax rate applies only to earnings and not to the original investment amount that was already taxed. It is earned income. The fact that working families should pay more taxes than those who have enough money hanging around for investing is insulting. If capital gains were taxed at an equal rate, then fewer of us would have to bear the brunt of funding the government and we might all have a little to invest.

Obama’s debt

President Obama has claimed he will reduce the current debt. But if you remember, it’s the president who increased the debt to its current level. Now, did he raise it in order to reduce it as a campaign promise? Or will we get more of the same if he is re-elected? Think about this carefully before you vote.

No choice

The person who called Sound Off about Obamacare was exactly right. I’ve already lost my doctor of 25 years. He doesn’t take the insurance anymore and the new doctor has already swapped me over to someone else, whom I did not pick. You have no choice in Massachusetts and that’s it.

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