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November 1, 2012

Letter: Bass is best choice for Congress

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

As a young voter and candidate for the New Hampshire Legislature from Salem, I’m very concerned about what our elected officials are doing to future generations with their careless spending habits. As our sky-high debt rockets ever higher — it’s now $140,000 for each and every household in the U.S. — you rarely hear politicians talk about solutions or offer voters the hard truth: We need to spend less, not just call spending “investment” and pretend it’s something else.

We in New Hampshire are lucky to be represented in Congress by someone who not only speaks the truth on spending, but is doing something about it. Our Congressman Charlie Bass has fought for the balanced and bipartisan Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan, and he’s worked to aid small businesses and reform the tax code and regulations.

It’s always easier to attack people who offer solutions than to offer them yourself. Annie Kuster has attacked Charlie Bass throughout this campaign, but has yet to put forward ideas to fix our country’s glaring problems other than endless new “investments.”

I’ll be voting for Charlie Bass, because he has his eye on the future of our country and has demonstrated the courage to make sure it is bright.

Joe Sweeney