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November 1, 2012

Letter: Shaun Toohey has my vote

To the editor:

I am a Democrat and I am supporting Republican Shaun Toohey. Here is why: I know Shaun Toohey will fight to eliminate wasteful spending and reform welfare.

I am a Democrat and I believe in helping out others when they need it, but Massachusetts has been out of control with helping those who can help themselves not the ones who really need it.

Using our hard earned tax dollars for bailing yourself out of jail with an EBT card is reckless. Using our tax dollars to help convicted murderers live more comfortably in prison? Where is the fairness here?

I have lived my life working and I continue to work hard everyday. But now what I worry most about is my young grandson. My wish is that he can grow up in a state where there is opportunity for him, not debt and higher taxes.

Shaun Toohey represents people with my concerns. He recently knocked on my door and spoke to me for a while. Shaun Toohey is home owner, husband, father of two children in the public school system. He and his wife each own a small business.

Shaun is passionate and full of energy and he wants the best for the people in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If you talk to him you will agree with me.

Please vote for Shaun Toohey for state Senate.

Sheila McCarthy


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