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July 1, 2013

Sound Off


Refunds for ill

Just when you think you heard all the scandals and corruption from the Obama administration, another one comes along. The inspector general of the IRS just admitted we the taxpayers gave over $46 million in tax refunds to illegal aliens and all at the same address in Atlanta. This is just more proof that the liberal Democrats will allow anything to happen to secure their voting base.

We saw you

To the supposed gentlemen who exited the gray Subaru with Mass. plates at the large Market Basket parking lot in Seabrook: Don’t you have garbage pickup where you live? The idea of taking bags full of garbage out of your trunk and putting them in a Market Basket grocery basket and walking away is disgusting. That is a new low in whatever works for me and it doesn’t matter how it impacts others. Are you so lazy that you cannot properly dispose of your garbage? You need lessons in living in a civilized society.

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