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July 2, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Lesson learned?

God bless President Obama. Since Benghazi and all the other horrific things happened he has learned. He took the time to meet with Planned Parenthood and has their back, in spite of what was going on in Syria at the time. He took the time to call the Prop 8 plaintiffs from his vacation in Africa. As women we all know how important late-term abortion is to women’s health, so our commander in chief called Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis to congratulate her on her filibuster. I’m only saying that our own U.S. ambassador, Chris Stevens, would have appreciated a call, but unhappily the president was due in Vegas that night.

Goo-goo Gaga

I heard a small part of Lady Gaga spewing out her rendition of our national anthem with lyrics

changed to promote a gay show. I couldn’t allow myself to listen or to see any more of it. It is amazing to me how someone can make millions of dollars from within the U.S., then show such disrespect for it. Well, here is my disrespect for her: I will now and always refer to her as Gucky Goo-goo.


Can someone please explain to me where, how and on what the Haverhill School Department could possibly spend $329,000 on one special needs student as reported in The Eagle-Tribune? Don’t the people of Haverhill have the right to know? Sounds like typical School Department shenanigans, probably diverting funds to other accounts and programs and blaming it on state mandates for special needs students. Shame on the mayor and City council for not doing their job and requiring the schools to submit monthly reports. Shame on the School Committee for not agreeing to combine the finance departments. These are some of the reasons why I will vote against a Prop 2 1/2 override to support the building of a new school. There just is no accountability in the entire school system.

Sweet faces

Lately the papers have been filled with most depressing news. Shootings and stabbings and crooked politicians. What a joy to see the wonderful picture of the children at the magic show in Plaistow! Their sweet faces are so full of innocence and joy. It lifted my spirits. I have cut it out and taped it to my refrigerator. They are so adorable!

Zimmerman wrong

George Zimmerman disobeyed the order not to get out of his vehicle; he then got out and followed the boy, Trayvon Martin. And then he accosted him, lacking any legal right to do so. Without identifying himself and his purpose, it is likely that the boy thought he was under attack since Zimmerman had no badge nor wore a uniform. The next critical issue is what conversation took place that started the altercation. It seems to me that if it’s not second-degree murder, Zimmerman is 90 percent responsible for an unnecessary tragedy.

Hill, no

This country can’t be serious about having Hillary Clinton run for president in 2016. Her incompetence as secretary of state and her constant lies about Benghazi should make her totally ineligible to run for anything. America has had enough of the Clintons and their lies and deception and we certainly don’t need her in the White House to continue the destructive agenda of Barrack Hussein Obama.