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April 26, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Disrespectful

I am really sick of stupid remarks about banning pressure cookers if we ban guns. These people are being insensitive and disrespectful to all the victims of the Boston Marathon. Grow up and do something positive instead of showing your ignorance!

Ayotte’s cover

Sen. Kelly Ayotte and her friends are defending her shameful vote against the compromise background check bill by portraying herself as a “voice of reason.” Nonsense. Her vote and the others who blocked this common-sense legislation — which would not have infringed on the Second Amendment or law-abiding gun owners’ rights — was just a callous way to protect her own right flank, to convince the tea party who put her in office that she still loves them, so they won’t mount a primary challenge to her in 2016. Now you know her real reason.

No law

To the commenter “Religion,” who thinks that any mention of God is a violation of the First Amendment: Maybe you’d better read it again. It reads: “Congress shall make no law ...” As long as Congress doesn’t “make a law”, then saying “God bless America,” or starting with a prayer, or taking an oath does not violate the establishment clause. It is “freedom of religion” not “freedom from religion.”

Blame people

Thank God the terrible Boston Marathon tragedy didn’t involve the use of guns. Our dear Obama would be flying all over the country giving speeches about how bad guns are. He would blame the Republicans for this latest incident and prop up small children with sad faces behind him to try and tug on the heart strings of America. I’m sick and tired of all the politics being played with every incident that occurs in this country. The crazy people are going to use whatever they can to inflict harm on the rest of us. Whether it’s a gun, knife, a baseball bat or a bomb. Don’t blame the object. You can’t ban pressure cookers. It’s the people who are responsible for their actions.


“Sanctuary city” Cambridge welcomes terrorists. They don’t ask any questions. The blood of the Boston victims is on their hands! Where is the outrage over that? There is much more assignable guilt there than with the guns at Newtown.


The caller that praised the recent General Motors bailout and the successes of Franklin Roosevelt obviously hasn’t studied either. GM used bailout money to build new plants not in the U.S. but in China. The caller missed that Ford did not need a bailout and surpassed GM. The bailout did more for their overpaid union employees than for the company itself. As far as FDR, it’s a known fact that his policies did more to extend the Depression than shorten it. The unemployment rate up to the start of World War II never dropped below 17 percent and the taxes and regulations placed on small businesses drove many out of business. The small business climate did not improve until the 1950s. World War II ended the Depression, not FDR.

Amnesty plans

Maybe the president and our legislators need to take a hard look at their policy for amnesty for the illegal people that are in this country. And just maybe they should start deporting, especially those with Islamic backgrounds.