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May 1, 2013

Sound Off

Do something!

Please, Methuen safety and elected officials, do something about the once-beautiful home on Prospect Street, Methuen, that was ravaged by fire in December. The house is slowly caving in as neighbors watch, and on windy days, some of the debris from the fire lands on our lawns. A portion of the roof collapsed this week, and there is no protective fence in place to keep kids or vandals out. Why isn’t the town doing anything? This is a huge safety issue and a terrible eyesore.

Details, please

Good job by the joint drug task force on the drug bust in Haverhill. Who knows how many petty crimes are being committed by people that want to buy these drugs. I’m also very interested to hear more of the substory. “(Ex) City worker caught ...” is becoming a standing headline. Let’s get all the details out there.

WPA exposed

While a caller last week may have lived through the Depression he obviously was looking through rose-colored glasses. If FDR was so good why did the unemployment rate never drop below 17 percent until the war? The WPA put millions to work but never for more than 30 hours a week, the cap. In addition many of the WPA projects took years longer as nearly all of the workers were unskilled and unmotivated. Many of them could not get regular jobs due to poor work habits and techniques. Most of the projects were out west, where FDR was weakest politically.

Bailout exposed

The caller complaining about false statements being made about the Depression should read up on the facts. The bailout to GM has NOT been paid back, and to make matters worse, it was given to the car maker to cover union employee’ fat cat pension plans. If Ford could make it without a bailout, GM should have as well. Unions are killing our country, along with liberals who love to spend other people’s money.

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