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May 1, 2013

Letter: Obama's failed vision the root of nation's malaise

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

Today, so many Americans feel ill at ease.

The basic comforts of previous decades have all but disappeared.

The world scene is a mess from both an economic view and a peaceful planet view. The great image of the American super power providing both leadership and an economic foundation has vanished.

Egypt, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria are seeds of potential danger. Our allies like Israel, Turkey, UAE, UK, South Korea, Japan look at us through concerned eyes. The great Obama vision of reset has resulted in Russia and China opposing us at every turn. Not a picture of comfort.

Worse, our posture at home has drastically changed. The greatest wealth-creating nation to ever exist, not only is struggling to grow, it can barely hold its own. The great banner of individual freedom and liberty seems to have morphed from bright optimism into a cloud of doubt. How did this come to be?

Those who have studied great organizations have universally found that great organizations need great leaders who can both unite divergent groups and bring from them a powerful and accepted shared vision based on shared values. And that is the root of our malaise.

President Obama can be charming with a flash of a smile, and he is clearly one of the most charismatic campaigners in history. But he has proven to be a divider not a uniter. His path is to impose his vision on America rather than grow the vision that Americans have in common. It is no wonder that by 61 percent to 30 percent, Americans believe we are going in the wrong direction.

The root of Mr. Obama’s failure lies in his obsession with wealth redistribution, openly embracing class warfare and trampling on the gut American view of fairness based on equal opportunity implemented through a meritocracy that allows people to rise to a level based on their skills, knowledge and focused effort.

While claiming the mantle of champion of the middle class, this president has stolen America from the middle class. Whether viewed through the lens of record-breaking unemployment, the horrible complexities of Obamacare now requiring modifications, the failure to grasp the moment of true capability for our long dreamed energy independence or our future nightmare as we and those who follow cope with an ever increasing and uncontrolled debt.

Mr. Obama refuses to understand that by government diverting resources from the free market, he is stealing from the middle class the most basic of their needs: a steady good-paying job that is the foundation for providing for their family. Government, or those without means, cannot create our jobs. Only those that have means and are willing to risk it can, with supportive policies, build our needed jobs. We have countless years of data that prove this case.

If the American people do not awake to this situation and insist on substance over style, our republic and all the good it provides us and the world will be lost.

Len Rosen

Salem, N.H.