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May 12, 2013

Your view: Letters to the editor

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---- — Boston Marathon bombing was preventable

To the editor:

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, we have learned that this was preventable.

Both the White house and Homeland Security received numerous warnings specifically naming Tamerlan Tsarneav as a dangerous person on a terrorist watch list.

Russia issued numerous warnings, about his contact with Chechnyan Muslims and, according to a published report, Saudi Arabia notified Washington that, “based upon human intelligence developed in Yemen”, the Saudis had denied him a visa for a pilgrimage to Mecca, something that for religious reasons they are loath to deny to Muslims.

Yet despite these warnings, neither the White House nor Homeland Security did anything. In fact, although his travel to Chechnya was noted in a Homeland Security memo, nothing was done, he was approved for travel to and from an area on the watch list when he himself was on the watch list.

The very same liberals now pooh-poohing these inconvenient details are the same people that for 12 years have claimed that Bush should have prevented 9/11 based upon a daily briefing one month prior saying nothing more than “Osama wants to attack America.”

This, like the sweeping under the rug of Benghazi, is worse than hypocrisy, it borders upon treason or, at minimum, dereliction of duty.

Mark Acciard


Twists to the Marathon bombing story

To the editor:

Once again relatives and friends can’t believe the Tsarnaev brothers committed the mass killings of innocent people. This is typical behavior of relatives and friends of murderers, who do not want to admit they were in any way aware of or associated with the acts of violence.

There are two added twists to the Boston Marathon terrorist attack.

The Tsarnaevs are from the Dagestan/Chechnya region of Russia, which is a predominantly Muslim region fighting for control of its area so the inhabitants can impose Sharia law and either convert or expel or kill non-Muslims. They automatically discriminate against non-Muslims.

The other twist is the comments made by New Hampshire Rep. Stella Tremblay of Auburn. She believes the U.S. government could have contrived the bombing and the FBI could be part of a cover up. She also questioned the injuries of one of the victims.

How does Rep. Tremblay represent her district with absurd comments like that? How was someone like her elected to office?

Never forget that we are at war with the Islamic terrorists of the world.

Donald A. Moskowitz


A park to honor patriots

To the editor:

We, the Friends of Patriots Memorial Park, are thankful that so many came to help get the park ready for summer — Boy Scout Troop 82, the North Andover Garden Club and neighbors. We also wish to thank the Barker Farm for donating the 10 yards of mulch we spread on May 4.

This is a historic park, part of Tavern Acres National Register Historic District, designed by Olmsted Brothers Landscape Architects, and given to the town by the Stevens family in 1922 as a site for the World War I monument and a park in “honor of the men and women who ... have rendered the State or Nation patriotic service of either a civic or military nature.”

The World War II monument and Korean and Vietnam memorials are now here also. Further, we intend to place a granite marker to name the park, explain its history and honor Lt. Col. Harold Dushame, who gave so much time and effort to the park.

Phila Slade, Leslie Frazier. Barry Low, Annie Schnier, Chris Weger, Peter Weger

North Andover