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May 15, 2013

Letter: Sen. Shaheen isn't being honest about her views on guns

To the editor:

Mayor Bloomberg, after losing his battle with the “Big Gulp,” has set his vision on New Hampshire. Instead of giving his money to needy charities such as a local food bank, or a women’s shelter, he desires to spend his fortune on New Hampshire TV ads.

While our local television stations thank him, as well as the political cronies appearing in his misleading advertisements, is he really going to accomplish anything?

Mayor Bloomberg misrepresents Sen. Kelly Ayotte and the courage she displays. An easy decision is to vote yes on another bad piece of legislation as a Band-Aid for the recent tragedies.

Sen. Ayotte voted her conviction; Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is another matter. In the past Sen. Shaheen responded to my inquiries, stating her long standing support for the 2nd Amendment. Even following her recent vote to ban over 100 firearms and to infringe upon law-abiding citizens’ rights, she writes, “I am a strong supporter of an individual’s right to bear arms and believe our nation’s tradition of gun ownership can be respected while also ensuring public safety.”

While Sen. Ayotte is holding town meetings across New Hampshire to explain her vote and educated voters on her courageous stand, Sen. Shaheen remains silent in the shadows. Sen. Ayotte fought to protect New Hampshire as attorney general, and she continues to serve us, fighting a daily battle in Washington. As an early voice on U.S. citizens being murdered in Benghazi, she was vocally attacked last fall. Recent congressional hearing demonstrate she was correct. Where were Mayor Bloomberg and Sen. Shaheen on that issue?

If there is the need for public debate, perhaps our other senator, the silent one, should speak up. Where is Sen. Shaheen? You would think that with her re-election campaign starting shortly, she would be out front on this issue. If she is feeling courageous on the gun ban issue, please speak up. Instead of sending me an e-mail supporting my 2nd Amendment rights, while voting to take my guns away, Sen. Shaheen, be honest and state the truth.

While Sen. Shaheen may be an excellent politician by Washington’s and Mayor Bloomberg’s standards, I’ll stick with the honest person, Kelly Ayotte.

Barry Mills

Salem, N.H.

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