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May 17, 2013

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Commuter nightmare

The good folks selling the casino at Rockingham Park are telling us they had approximately 1.9 million people pass through their doors in one of their Pennsylvania casinos and a Salem casino can do the same. Oh, joy! That could mean 3,000 to 5,000 additional cars and buses on I-93 twice a day. Really looking forward to that commute — NOT! Solution? At the expense of the casino, cut the Rockingham Park access from I-93 so the 3,000 to 5,000 extra vehicles have to travel up Route 28. The Route 213 traffic circle in Methuen will be a total delight. Just think what that can do for all the other Salem businesses!

Trust Holder?

The darling of the liberal media in his second term as president of the United States is showing his administration’s true colors on corruption. The latest outrage is over the IRS targeting conservative groups. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is stepping up to the plate and will do a thorough and complete investigation. We are still reeling from the Benghazi cover-up and we don’t know the truth yet. Look at Holder’s investigation of his agency on the gunrunning scandal known as “Fast and Furious.” How about the Black Panthers flap and investigation over their activities at polling places? No charges were ever filed by DOJ in that case.

Where’s Miller?

So Steven Miller, the acting head of the IRS, has resigned. Now we need to find out where he was moved to within the government so that he can continue as an inadequate bureaucrat and get in line for his pension. Do these people really think we don’t know how they operate, and that no one is ever fired from Big Government? Why should we believe any of them when we consider the past history of these people?

Markey malarkey

According to Ed Markey, he has done it all! Really? Well anyone dumb enough to believe that, please give me a call as I have a bridge I can sell you.

Melix must go

I would like to know why Mayor Lantigua still has Melix Bonilla on the city payroll. That’s a $140,000 annual salary. The money is not coming out of Lantigua’s pocket. It’s the taxpayers’ money. Extortion, embezzlement and fraud charges and he’s still getting paid. We needed a new mayor four years ago. God bless the people of Lawrence.

Bad deal

Face it, Salem residents, we are being sold a bill of goods with this new casino. One percent of revenue is not going to lower taxes. It won’t be worth all the extra services needed. Something is rotten in Denmark! We have to let the Advisory Committee know how we feel.

Down with roosters

Roosters do not belong in the city. They disturb others when they begin to crow at 3:30 a.m. They do not stop once it’s daylight — they continue to crow off and on all day long. How is that comforting?