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February 10, 2014

Column: Come one, come all until we're all packed in like sardines


Next, Asia, total population 4.3 billion. May we please skip open-admission from the Muslim countries (including those in Africa and, anyone engaged in genocide there), since their radical fundamentalists want to destroy America? The answer is no, you intolerant Judeo-Christian xenophobes. So, if we add just 10 percent of all Asians, our U.S. population would be over 900 million.

But I don't think we'll see many Chinese or Vietnamese, since their countries may be starting to look better than ours. North Koreans are on their way though; anything is better than there!

Europeans and Japanese are also probably not coming; they're just thinking we have lost our minds. Wait. Europe has been accepting immigrants from the Muslim countries, much of it isn't recognizable anymore. Japan and Australia are getting worried about China; the United States is in no shape to protect anyone from aggression.

So, depending on who is escaping where, our population has doubled or even tripled from 2014, when Obama signed the new rainbow immigration law. We've solved the illegal immigration problem, and all that's left are the national debt, health care, crime, and environmental concerns, all of which have been exacerbated by our surging population.

I insist on promoting "nice" solutions. Borrow more from the new strongest country, China; give everyone free health care; insist that criminals are just people whose brains haven't fully developed yet, and ... forget about the environment, not much left, low-income housing on the paved-over wetlands; almost a billion Americans require lots of fuel, water, and waste disposal.

Gee it feels good to be compassionate!

Barbara Anderson is president of Citizens for Limited Taxation and a regular contributor to the opinion pages.

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