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February 12, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Good people

Last Wednesday afternoon, the day of the storm, I had a wonderful heart warming experience. It was about 4 p.m. as I was out front shoveling (I am almost 74) the front walkway when a car pulled up next door. Two young men, about 19, stepped out and retrieved shovels from the back seat. They called over and asked if they could shovel me out. I advised them I had no cash to pay them with. They then came over and said they would do if for nothing. When they were done I thanked them and said “God bless you both.” They said you are welcome, glad we could help and God bless you. I just want to let them know how much I appreciated them. There are still good young people among us.

Young ones

Socrates once said if a country is to be brought down the young are the ones that will do it. Hence we had the degradation of youth in Woodstock where marijuana was the main course, and now tobacco is disappearing but we are making pot legal. What’s next?

Driven out

As a senior citizen in my 80s and in good health, I was content in the home I have been living in for over 50 years. Unfortunately, Andover property taxes are forcing me to seek another way of life. This year Social Security allowed a 1.5 percent increase, while Andover property taxes increased almost 6 percent. This imbalance has occurred over the past several years and I and many seniors just can’t keep up. It would be encouraging to see a large turnout for the town meeting in May where the issue of help for residents over the age of 70 will be considered.

Lost morals

So you can do some heroin, then get some free methadone at the new Haverhill clinic, then a quick stop at the Haverhill weed-store with your medical card to get your pot, which is now called “medicine.” The mayor’s office got the signature from the City Council, all supported by presidents from the Haverhill Chamber of Commerce. Wow! Is extra revenue more important than morals? You are now making it harder for the police to do their jobs. It’s proof that your obsession to constantly overdevelop the city is what is wrecking the city. Everyone will pass-the-buck and play the blame-game. And the kids will spark ‘em up in salute to Haverhill’s “business leaders.”

Language lesson

Spanish isn’t a prominent language in business. If you would like to pad your resume with a language skill, consider learning Arabic, Japanese or Chinese.

Just hooey

What I don’t understand is how anyone with even just remedial education doesn’t understand that too many guns in circulation is the main factor driving all these deadly shootings and mass killings. If you passed junior high school civics you’d know that the Second Amendment argument is nothing but hooey and just a smokescreen sent up by the NRA to keep making money. Are there that many people who never made it that far in school? Or do these people have other issues?


Can anyone tell me why Obama is still in office? He has broken more laws than 80 percent of the convicts in federal prisons!