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February 13, 2014

Letter: Timberlane tax bill will drive out elderly

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — To the editor:

It was with sadness that I left the Timberlane district deliberation of Feb. 6.

The reason for my sadness was the failure of the district residents to consider the fate of the taxpayers in Sandown and Danville as a result of another year of huge tax increases.

If they had taken a moment to look at the faces of the many senior citizens from these towns, perhaps it would have tempered their celebration and joy.

What they would have seen were faces filled with consternation and anger.

Many of those seniors realized they will be faced with the very real possibility they will no longer be able to keep their homes.

Their next thought was probably how they could possibly sell their homes with the huge tax bill that goes with it.

How would those who failed to hear our plea feel if it were their elderly parents who were put in this position. I doubt the thought ever entered their minds.

If the budget continues to increase year after year and it has little impact on the residents of Plaistow and Atkinson, the residents of Sandown and Danville can expect more of the same treatment.

Just so those of you who do not realize how the result of these increases are affecting others, our property taxes increased 24 percent last year for a $1,200 increase.

The result of this year’s vote will mean an additional $400 to $500.

Perhaps it is time for the residents of Sandown to explore the possibility seceding from the Timberlane district, building a high school of our own, or possibly partnering with Danville.

At least our fate would rest in our hands and not leave us at the mercy of people who obviously have none.

Paul Godin