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February 14, 2014

Letter: Despite early troubles, health care law is a success

To the editor:

It is unfortunate that the roll out of new health-care law got off to such a rocky start. Despite that, I believe that the new law will help many people.

Longtime opponents have used the botched roll out as an opportunity to trash the law. It is important to separate the roll out from the law itself yet heavily funded campaigns against the law have worked hard to knit the two together. They are hoping that people forget about the many benefits. For instance, the new health-care law now forces insurance companies to cover those with pre-existing conditions. Nationally this is an incredibly popular aspect of the law.

The new law also outlaws greedy and unfair practices like annual or lifetime caps on coverage or rescinding policies when people get sick because the insurer found a “mistake” in their application. On a personal level, the new health-care law has provided affordable health-care insurance for one of my own young adult children who otherwise could not afford coverage.

However, despite my support for the law, I am glad Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter told President Obama that he should accept some resignations from his staff over mismanagement of the roll out. Those responsible for the problems should be replaced. Additionally, here in New Hampshire, the actions that allowed Anthem to develop a narrow “network” that left out doctors and hospitals should be corrected. These glitches need to be addressed. I appreciate Congresswoman Shea-Porter stepping in to do just that.

Beth Olshansky


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