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February 14, 2014

Letter: Laws serve bureaucrats, not the people

To the editor:

Since the first “progressive” president, Woodrow Wilson, America has evolved to an administrative state where laws that are passed by Congress are implemented by an army of unelected, unionized bureaucrats who interpret what has been passed and create the actual regulations which are enforced. In fact, as of Jan. 1, 2014, 14,000 new regulations are the “law of the land.” I had no idea we had that many outstanding issues left uncovered. Fact is, the burdens government is placing on people and businesses make no sense and often cost real money.

Since electric light was invented, the most efficient bulb is the incandescent bulb. It’s cheap, too. Environmentalists demanded and won a mandated replacement. These new bulbs contain hazardous material and contain warnings that, if broken, hazardous materials authorities must be contacted to clean it all up! These infected lights cost triple the cost of the original bulb and, so far for me anyway, don ‘t seem to last as long. Typical of bureaucrats.

Another environmental law relates to water use. Toilets are mandated to have 1.5 gallons per flush to save water. The problem is 1.5-gallon flushes don’t completely pass the “effluents” requiring multiple flushes thus defeating the purpose of eliminating the original 3-gallon flush. See a pattern?

Now we have Obamacare. The law requires people to be serviced in their local area -- a county. My doctor is in Massachusetts, clearly out of network and expensive. Students were getting health insurance for $50 a year. Now it is $950 per year. Many people have lost the policies they like to have their premiums rise to unaffordable rates with $6,000 to $12,000 deductibles before you get coverage. Critically ill patients are being thrown off their health care coverage with no replacement. Some 5 million people lost health care coverage and have no affordable alternative. Not one promise made by Obama was true.

The only winner in these examples -- tyranny.

Bill Weimar


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