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February 14, 2014

Sound Off

Wash your hands

I work in an office building in the Merrimack Valley. I’ve seen individuals come out of a bathroom stall and only rinse their hands then head out the door. The lack of normal hygiene is unbelievable. How is running water over your hands considered “cleaning”? Those of us with vulnerable immune systems have to pay the price for these disgusting and lazy people.

Gay player

There was no need for Missouri football player Michael Sam to come out as gay. What was the point? He will enter the NFL draft strictly on his merits as a player, nothing else. By coming out, he is trying to stack the deck in his favor. I suspect he also has an agenda on gay rights. Just as some like Jesse Jackson constantly play the race card, are we now going to be subject to the gay card? Has our nation grown so immature and paranoid?

Plastic bottles

I can’t wait till the snow is gone and the 50,000 plastic bottles are in plain sight along with the rest of the trash. Haverhill Earth Day Cleanup on April 26 will have 300 volunteers with their work cut out for them. I did my good deed. No more plastic bottles -- I got a filter for about $20. I’ll also participate in the cleanup.

No sense

There was a time not that long ago when the traffic lights on the Route 125 connector in Haverhill were smart, sensing traffic and changing lights accordingly. Now they just cycle through all phases even at midnight. Did the city or DOT hire the sign language interpreter from the Nelson Mandela memorial service to program the lights? I ask because, just like his signing, they make absolutely no sense.

Doing his job

I am proud to have cast my vote for President Obama not once but twice. President Obama is doing his job right. That is why he is not in federal prison, as a previous comment suggested. The only one who should be in federal prison is George W. Bush for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Enough said.

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