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February 14, 2014

Sound Off


Poverty fix

As a nonagenarian, I should not be surprised at anything but I still am. Today I learned that this state has the fifth highest percentage of low income households headed by women. When it mentioned Mississippi and Louisiana I took notice. These are two of the three poorest states in the country. Most of these were women with only a high school diploma and some with less. What I find it hard to take is the fact that our state is the educational center of the world. Ironic, I would say. I am all for a grant that would put these women in a community college for one or two years and then put them back in the work force at a living wage job. The more this is done the bigger and better payoff for everyone, including the government.

Fox fan

I had to laugh today when I saw a picture of a billboard in Colorado that featured the Fox News logo and a slogan underneath it reading, “We deceive. You believe.” I have to admit it caused me a real belly laugh! And truer words have never been spoken! Thanks, Colorado!

Sink them

How on God’s green earth can Obama sleep at night after buddying up with Iran by easing economic sanctions, while they continually poke the U.S. in the eye on a daily basis? Every day, it’s more bluster. They continually saber rattle with the movement of their rust-bucket ships off our shores and shooting their mouths off looking for war. I say toughen the sanctions even more and sink their crappy ships if they even come near our borders.

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