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February 16, 2014

How about a health care break for small businesses, too?


Since Romneycare acquired numerous expensive mandates after Gov. Romney left, our health insurance policies are already required to cover some of the things that policies in other states don’t yet have. So, if it makes us feel better: Since our health insurance costs are already the highest in the nation, the new impact here may not be as great as in other states.

Access to health insurance has been blocked by the terrible design of the Obama system, which has negatively impacted the design of the once accessible Massachusetts system. We recently learned that some of the software was outsourced to Belarus, which made me think of a Dilbert cartoon strip in which his company outsourced software to a third world country named Elbonia. Its citizens live hip-deep in mud and take turns pretending to be computers for another Elbonian to program for foolish American companies.

The Obama Administration has just again, unilaterally, delayed the Obamacare penalty on larger employers. Additionally, people with individual policies that don’t conform have been given a year to find new ones. I called Congressman Tierney and our two U.S. senators to suggest they demand a delay in this assault on small businesses, too. Then they might as well just repeal the entire “Affordable Care” abomination and start over — before many more Americans find themselves without health care and possibly, therefore, prematurely in the twilight of their lives.

Barbara Anderson of Marblehead is president of Citizens for Limited Taxation and an Eagle-Tribune columnist.

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