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February 17, 2014

Sound Off

Heat not included

The story of the single mother with two babies needing heating assistance made me wonder how this can happen. And it really doesn’t need to happen. The problem is that heating is not being mandated as part of the very generous Section 8 housing allowances. A family member of mine had an apartment for a number of years. He paid $600 per month, and it included heat. He was the only non-Section 8 person in a 6-unit building. He finally had enough of the neighborhood and moved. His landlord was thrilled to hear that he was moving because he could get more than $1,000 with a Section 8 tenant. What we need is to mandate that Section 8 housing allowances include heating.

Blame GOP

To “End of debate” poster: You ask how people can look down on Republicans when they have been formed and led by, first Rush Limbaugh and his hate-filled broadcasts, then a series of wannabes followed, such as Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, Jeff Kuhner and most all of the Fox News group. Republicans have themselves to thank for how they are viewed.

War criminal?

Under George Bush: 630 troop deaths in 87 months, 72 fatalities per month on average. Under President Obama: 1,681 in 62 months, 221 fatalities per month on average. More than double that of Bush. Who’s the war criminal, again? If you’re going to charge Bush, then you have to include Obama. But don’t let the facts get in the way.

Pot prediction

A 2-year old boy was found dead in his bed where he lived with relatives. The boy was in a foster home, but relatives asked and took him in but the state was against it, which was strange. The parents were substance abusers so the child was addicted and had opiates in his body. Although it is bad now, the fact that grass is going to become legal is going to make it much worse. This is just another freedom the young wanted and will get and society will have a lot of trouble with this in the future, and you can take that to the bank.

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