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February 17, 2014

Sound Off


Hillie confusion

I’m confused. What is the deal here? Did Mr. Scatamacchia not read the letter that he signed or not understand the letter that he signed? Sounds like Nancy Pelosi saying they had to sign the health care bill before they could read it. Also, the mayor says that the Hunking School tax issue is merely an extension to a contract for the other new schools built in the city? Well then, why are we voting on the issue? Why is he not simply changing the date as our president is doing with health care compliance?

Double standard

So a liberal Democrat politician from New Jersey was on MSNBC, stating Gov. Christie must either be the biggest crook and liar if he knew of the bridge scandal or he’s the most inept leader if he didn’t and folks below him were responsible. To me I would say the exact same if not more regarding President Obama. These liberals are so two-faced and live by such a double standard it is sickening.

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