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February 18, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — USA! USA!

For three periods, the U.S. Hockey team reminded all of us we are more than Democrat, Tea Party, Republican, independent, liberal or conservative. For seven shots and saves, we were reminded we are still rugged individualists. After the eighth and winning shot, your collective efforts put a smile on our all faces. Thanks!

Say what?

I just had a mammogram and had to show a picture ID, yet, requiring people who are in this country illegally to prove who they are is called racist and discriminatory. Say what?

O won’t quit

I did not vote for President Obama, nor have I become a fan of his. You would think with all the squawking, he would save face, humility and embarrassment and leave office. That just shows how selfish, arrogant and ignorant he really is. But when you enjoy spending someone else’s money for family vacations and such, why would you quit?

Guns kill

People have the right to protect themselves, yes. But let me tell you why I don’t like guns. A man shoots and kills over loud music. A man shoots and kills over cell phone usage at movies. A 14-year-old boy accidentally shoots and kills his 9-year-old brother. A father shoots and kills his step-daughter coming home or hiding in closet. A boy uses dad’s gun to kill himself. And if you really believe guns don’t kill, then I guess alcohol doesn’t make people drunk. These are enablers to people.

Push it back

I had to laugh about a comment on people snow plowing getting paid. First they need to learn how to plow! You don’t leave snow in the middle of an intersection. You don’t leave snow at the send of the street half way in the street! Actually earn that money you get paid. Learn to push the snow back.

Stupid homeowners

This is my second winter in Salem, N.H. As I drive down the streets of this town, one thing never changes: fire hydrants are buried in snow. It’s not the Fire Department’s responsibility to clear the snow. So the homeowners of Salem need to remember one thing: If you have a fire in your home and the firefighters have to spend 10 minutes clearing the snow to get to the fire hydrant in front of your home, it’s your home that is going to burn down, not theirs. The only thing you will have to blame is your own stupidity.


I love my Honda Accord because it’s designed well, reliable, reasonably priced and was never touched by a UAW member. Life is good.

Abolish Congress

President Obama persists in breaking the laws and the Constitution, and now Congress admits there is little if anything it can do to stop him. Well, in that case perhaps we should abolish Congress and save the taxpayers millions if not billions of dollars. If the Congress is powerless against a lawless president who ignores our laws, why are they needed? The average salary for a congressman is $174,000 a year. That would be a significant savings.