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February 20, 2014

Sound Off

‘Evil’ Republicans

Blame the GOP? So now I understand why the Republican Party is so “evil.” It was radio and television folks like Rush Limbaugh that established the Republican Party! So if Abraham Lincoln had not listened to so much radio and television like Fox News, the party would be viewed in a better light. We are so much better under a Democratic president. I understand now as I stand in the unemployment line with no health insurance!

Blame Republicans

Who’s watch was it under that 9/11 happened? Who gave money to bin Laden? It was a Republican administration. Sorry to disappoint appoint you but under Bush there were more than 2,000 soldiers killed plus 4,000 people, no matter what statistics you use. It was Bush’s fault no matter what way you look at it. Oh by the way, who’s watch and orders was it to get Osama bin Laden? President Barack Obama. Who ended the war in Iraq? President Obama. The Republicans screwed up. Enough said.

Ignoring the people

How come I see again and again “citations issued for not wearing a seatbelt”? The latest were in North Andover and earlier in Methuen. Didn’t we vote the seat belt law down in Massachusetts? Are all of our government folks following the lead of Washington, ignoring the vote of the people and deciding what is unlawful and lawful on their own now? Where is our country “by the people and for the people” going? So sad!

Taxes kill jobs

In response to The Eagle-Tribune’s article on New Hampshire’s job growth problem. Since 1997, with the exception of two years, New Hampshire has been managed by Democratic governors. Prior to this era of Democratic rule, New Hampshire was among the leading states in growth, year after year. Democratic/liberal policies are always at odds with business. Excessive taxation kills growth. Low taxes encourages innovation and growth. There lies your answer. Now, we are paying the price. Government produces nothing. Government sucks the life blood out of business, which is profit. No profit, no jobs! It’s no more complicated that. If New Hampshire was moving in the right direction, business would flourish, opportunities would abound. Now, I read today, New Hampshire is considering increasing the gas tax. That action will only make things worse. How about trying something innovative, like reduce spending!

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