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February 22, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Buy American

This is for the person who loves their Honda: If you believe, for one second , that some of the money you spent for your Honda didn’t go to Japan, then you are too ignorant to understand that you are supporting a foreign country. Though your Honda may have been assembled in this country, the parts all came from Japan. You obviously have a problem with union workers but you fail to understand the reason for unions. They are alive because companies fail to protect the worker who made them a success. If you feel your Honda is so good, why is it that there are no Honda taxis or Honda police vehicles, or Honda limos. the Toyota taxis you see are around because the manufacturer wanted a share of the marketplace and sold them for dirt cheap money. For every import I can give you an American manufacturer with a vehicle that has the same mileage and reliability. Wake up America, perception is not reality!

Apathy abounds

What a fabulous idea -- students are given “work” to do on a snow day and if 80 percent turn in their assignments, then it is considered a school day. So why didn’t Timberlane students do what Hampstead did? Hampstead had 90 percent of the students finish the assignment. People, this is not optional. This is a school day. I hope you parents and students who didn’t follow the assignment rules don’t complain when school is in session in July. Apathy abounds at Timberlane Middle School.

Poor plowing

Mayor Zanni, when you have a free minute take a ride around the east end of town. Look at the lousy plowing job that is being done. They go down the middle of the road and that’s it. There is about five feet on each side of the road they do not touch. They never touch the corners! This happens every storm. For God sakes get off your duff and start checking out these things. I might as well go talk to a tree for the time I put in to complain.

More ice

I’m sure that after this winter most of you will say, “no surprise” but recent satellite data shows that there is 50 percent more ice than there was five years ago. And also shows that Arctic sea ice was 50 percent thicker in Autumn 2013 than it was in Autumn 2012, according to the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

Blaming guns

To the Sound Off caller who hates guns: You left out one important fact. In every incident you listed, the gun did not act all by itself. My gun has never done any of the things you mentioned, so why do you hate my gun? Do you hate my car, too? Cars kill a lot more people each year than guns, although mine hasn’t. What about cheeseburgers, and candy bars, and the deadly obesity they cause. The list is endless.