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February 24, 2014


Restore the WPA?

We’re spending a ton of money on long-term unemployment benefits while our infrastructure is crumbling and basic public maintenance is lacking. Maybe the Work Projects Administration should be resurrected so taxpayers could get some public projects done for money being paid in government assistance, and those on unemployment will have the dignity of work and possibly gain some marketable experience.

Change the batteries

So saddened by the tragedy in Plaistow. Please, people, when you hear your detectors chirp, change the batteries; don’t take them out and leave them out. The life you save will be yours.

Plow to park

I bet $1,000 if the streets surrounding downtown Haverhill were paid parking streets, they would have been plowed. There are entire streets residents are unable to park on. Cops are very happy to give us tickets and even tow our vehicles. But how can residents comply to the parking bans if the designated streets are not plowed?

Help yourself

To Please Quit: Yes, it’s good CVS stopped selling cigarettes, but in regards to health care workers smoking near hospitals, yes, they are supposed to take care of us, but it’s not their job to show you how to live healthy lives. Only you can do that.

Healthcare hypocrites

I think a lot of commenters are missing the point on what “Please Quit” was saying in Sound Off earlier. If a medical professional is going to harp on you about smoking, why should they be out front puffing away as you walk in? Not only does it make them hypocrites, it provides a less than healthy environment around the facility. I’ve never smoked in my life and keep in good health through diet and exercise; I’m not sure why a smoker should be giving me health advice. Do lawyers ask criminals for advice on the law?

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