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February 25, 2014


Money taints issues

As a very senior Catholic, I am still appalled at the number of cases that are still being reported of pedophile priests. I feel very bitter when I think all the years I went to confession and some of those priest where felons that made them worst than me. Some men have gone to jail for 20 years for abusing one person. Why haven’t all these priests gotten a jail sentence? There also are some people that saw easy money and came forward with phony claims and received large amounts. Others were caught and their cases thrown out. These people were almost as bad as the pedophiles, but what do we expect whenever there is big money involved?

Cut spending

I do understand that the Salem High School needs a major renovation. I’m all for it, but I would appreciate the Salem School Committee and the Salem Superintendent of Schools making a better effort to bring the school budget under control. How comes the town does such a good job of controlling costs and the school side keeps on increasing our taxes? Also, how do they justify the default budget being higher than the proposed budget? I would think that the default budget should be the same as this year’s budget.

Partisan failure

What’s both hilarious and sad at the same time is reading these partisan posters go back and forth about which party is better or has more credibility. Don’t these poor saps understand that both parties are in this together, and they’ve targeted the American people as their chief enemy? How naive are these sorry political waifs? Still believing that current system is capable of serving the American people is a fool’s errand. Revolution is the only thing that will save America, and that’s if there is still enough time.

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