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February 25, 2014



Where’s Campbell?

The story on Mayor Zanni testifying at the State House on an issue critical to Methuen failed to note that Rep. Linda Campbell was not present to aid her city. Why has she been working against the City of Methuen on this issue at the State House, potentially costing the city taxpayers millions of dollars?

Person not party

In response to Enough of Romney, haven’t we had enough of Obama ? Obama and his family have had many, many lavish trips on the American people, he gave us Obamacare that no one wants .The list goes on and on. I would welcome Mitt Romney and I hope he will run for president again. I was speaking with a longtime Democrat who voted for Obama and is so sorry now. Wake up; vote the person, not the party.

Bush, not Obama

It was very humble of Obama to take credit for ending the war in Iraq when he was only following George Bush’s plan for withdrawal that he negotiated before he left office.

March on, SHS

I’m all for the Salem High School band going to Washington in April as long as they don’t use any of my tax dollars to fund them.

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