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February 27, 2014

Sound Off

The Eagle-Tribune

---- — Rushmore for O

Is there room on Mount Rushmore for President Barack Obama? I think he should be there. He’s the first black president and a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and he’s also accomplished something that no other president has. He has created a national health care system that is affordable to everyone. Despite what his critics say, Obama will be viewed 50 years from now as the man who saved America. And he belongs on Mount Rushmore alongside our other great presidents.

I blame Bush

So all you rightwingers say that President Bush set the time line to end the war in Iraq? Do you have any proof of that other than Bush standing on an aircraft carrier with a big banner saying “Mission Accomplished”? I remember at the time there was turmoil in Iraq on the same day. Oh wait, this was Dick Cheney’s “War of Revenge.” Was it not Donald Rumsfeld who shook Saddam Hussein’s hand in the late 1970s and gave money to Saddam? Wasn’t he a Republican, hmm?

I blame Obama

To “Blame Republicans ... Enough said.” You talk about who was in charge on 9/11, but who could have prevented it completely? A Democrat named Bill Clinton! They had Osama bin Laden and he let him go. Who caught him? It was a search that was started by a Republican; it just happened to occur during Obama’s reign. Oh, I’m sorry I meant administration. He’s the one who seems to think this is a monarchy and he is king. If Democrats are so saintly and Republicans are so evil would everyone who is always bashing Republicans please explain Chicago to me. Highest amount on welfare, worst school system, highest paid teachers and worst controlled retirement system in the country. All these facts with one minor thing missing: Republicans! The city is run completely by Democrats. This is the environment Obama is from, and he’s going to straighten out America? Now that’s enough said.

Going for Grosky

I want to commend Jason Grosky for throwing his hat into the ring for Rockingham county attorney and taking on the Republican regime up here. We need some fresh-faced GOP leaders in New Hampshire. The fact he says he will be in the courtroom is good enough for me. It’s certainly a step up from the incumbent, who found out he was under investigation on one of his many taxpayer-funded junkets.

Hang ‘em

How bright will it be for our future generations? Drug dealers everywhere. Minimal punishment. Let’s shift to Singapore. Deal drugs and you probably will face the hangman. Sounds pretty darn good to me.

What bugs teachers

If you look at surveys about what drives people out of education, it is not necessarily state testing, bureaucratic administrations or the extra hours they have to spend. Rather it is the pressure from parents. They feel like they run the school and can bully the teachers into whatever they feel is right. Spineless leadership often backs the parents or does not support the staff in hopes of finding a middle ground for resolution, and the teachers are left on an island.