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February 28, 2014

Sound Off

Dignity of work

“Yeah, great idea.... MAKE ‘EM WORK!!! That’ll teach ‘em to be poor!!!!” This was a comment in response to a Sound Off post suggesting that perhaps people could work for their welfare. Our roads are full of potholes, our infrastructure is falling apart, there’s trash along all major highways — there are a million different tasks that able-bodied souls could do to earn their federal assistance. Apparently this commenter does not believe poor people should work. They should sit at home and accept handouts from those who do work. No one is suggesting that the ill, the disabled, the people with very young children and no day care, should do this. Only those able-bodied who simply can’t or won’t get a job. What’s wrong with that?

Ignorant generation

If ignorance is bliss, today’s generation must be ecstatic! It is not old-fashioned to have consideration and common manners. Today’s society is ignorant and ill-educated, not to mention rude and self-absorbed. Companies used to pride themselves on superb customer service, which had ceased to exist nowadays. Time was you would be fired if you were rude or indifferent to a customer. Employees forget that in order to pay for that gadget, you need a job. Customers keep you employed! Men do not hold doors open or have any respect for women who are obsessed with bringing sexy back. What is happening to humanity today?

Village idiot

How is it that the city of Methuen always ends up the village idiot? I knew that the headline about cities and towns going over their snow budgets would expose the inept leadership in the city of Methuen. North Andover budgets $750,000. Andover budgets $1.2 million. Methuen budgets only $215,000 and has spent seven times that already. Of course, the only place worse is Lawrence, which always wins the dunce award by default. When will the residents of Methuen get off their tushes and vote in some leadership that knows how to run a city? I’m sick and tired of paying more and more taxes every single year and getting less for my money. The union hacks, nepotism and incompetence are just beyond comprehension.

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