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March 2, 2014

Your View: Letters to the Editor

DCF, Democrats exhaust our patience

To the editor:

In response to Rep Linda Campbell’s letter dated Feb. 23 (”Patience, analysis needed in DCF review”), I offer my humble opinion regarding the ongoing debacle involving the Department of Children and Family Services.

Rep. Campbell is calling for patience and analysis in the review of the current state of affairs within the DCF. A dutiful Democrat, she first points out the lack of funding to administer properly the responsibilities to our Massachusetts children and families.

The lack of qualified leadership and the mismanagement within the department are secondary!

Meanwhile, as Gov. Patrick catches some rays in Costa Rica, likely chatting with those folks about his “come one, come all” philosophy, how many more foster children will be abused or go missing?

Not to mention the fact he hightailed it out of town after refusing to accept the resignation tendered by the DCF Commissioner Olga Roche. You know, Patrick SHOULD consider running for POTUS; he is so Obama-like. Don’t lead, just deny responsibility, then go on vacation.

As for the need for more funding, how about tapping into the $9 million Patrick wants to spend to renovate the governor’s office suites? How many actual licensed social workers could that money hire?

Or, here’s a thought, Rep Campbell could get herself and the rest of the Democratic legislators in our Commonwealth to jump on the Shaunna O’Connell bandwagon to rein in the fraud and abuse in the EBT system. Bet there’s some loot there that could be put to good use saving innocent children from dying at the hands of unfit foster parents.

“Patience,” she says. The hardworking, legal taxpaying citizens of Massachusetts lost that virtue many moons ago.

“Analysis,” she says. Oh, yes, that’s the Democrat way. We already know what the problems are and we already know who is responsible, but we should spend more money on the salary of some political hack to go in and find out what’s going on in DCF.

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