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March 3, 2014

Sound Off

Mount Moonbat

To “rushmore for O”: Is there another Mount Rushmore on the moon? Because I believe you, sir, are living on another planet. The United States must be filled with aliens who are blind to the fact about what this president is doing to our county. Too many aliens for that matter, that’s why he’s putting this country in a deeper financial hole. I sincerely wish all you aliens would go back to the moon and leave the voting to the people who make sense.

Doo unto others

To the person who walks a dog on Timberlane Road in Plaistow and leaves the plastic bag full of waste on top of the recycle bin or on front lawns (in summer), there is a $250 fine for not taking dog doo along with you. Please stop. They do not pick up recycle materials with dog surprise on top of it. They leave it for us to pick and dispose of. How low or lazy can you be?

Future is MSNBC

A recent commenter was upset because MSNBC was defined in a bad light. I dare say that MSNBC is the direction America is going. Other than a couple of old veterans like Rev. Sharpton and Chris Matthews, the bulk of programming is comprised of young, very bright and well-spoken men and women, who are dealing intelligently with the current issues of the day — unlike oldsters like O’Reilly, Hannity, Krauthammer, Bolling, Coulter, et al., at Fox.


As soon as the Olympic athletes leave Sochi, Vladimir Putin sends in his military to take over the country. Once again, President Obama gives a speech warning Putin to back off or there “will be consequences.” I just saw on the news that they are calling this a “global chess match” between Obama and Putin. I don’t think it’s really much of a competition. It’s tough for Obama to win a chess match when all he uses are a bunch of pawns.

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