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March 4, 2014

Sound Off


So to all the people who believe in the right to “bear arms,” did you hear about the man who accidentally shot and killed himself showing his girlfriend gun safety? One of the reasons I’m against guns!

Need to know 1

Please, residents of Plaistow, ask your candidates running for selectman their position on the proposed train layover station. If they tell you they want it or want more information about it, they are NOT your choice this year. If they say they will work toward removing this evil, polluting and noisy threat from our town, they are our friend. If you don’t know their position, please leave the choice to those who have taken the time to truly know the circumstances. This beast will be here forever, and you will lie awake listening to trains and breath diesel fumes and regret voting for those who are behind this. It far too important to play a guessing game and re-elect someone who is apt to sponsor this. There are those who want this for reasons I cannot fathom. This is now or never for our town.

Need to know 2

I see that our former police in Atkinson is now running for a selectman’s position. He is a good man who took good care of the seniors in town. But he was fired by the selectmen. No one knows why he was fired. The people that are going to vote for him need to know why he was fired.

Gold thieves

Can someone explain to me why the federal and California governments think they have the right to tax the gold coins those folks in California found on their own property? Those bureaucrats have done nothing to earn one cent of that money. They didn’t locate the coins, dig them up or clean them. Talk about out-of-control government bottom-feeders and leeches!

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